The Pefki

north Evia

It is the tip of the spear in tourism as far as the municipality of Artemisiou is concerned but also in northern Evia in general since it is the most popular destination.
With a capacity to host around 20,000 people in peak season it makes it a nationally known summer destination.

In Pefki you will find restaurants, taverns, cafes, clubs and everything else you need for your vacation.

You will find all of these in abundance at the beach of Pefkios, which neither more nor less reaches 4 kilometers and is one of the most beautiful beaches with pine trees. The beach has a wonderful sandy beach that would be the envy of even the most developed tourist “resorts”. It is a fairly long beach in North Evia that is quite popular. In the summer months it is full of people and there are also sunbeds where the visitor can enjoy his bath and his coffee while gazing at the endless blue of the Aegean.

Your vacation here will truly be dreamy and unforgettable. It is worth noting that Pefki is one of the most developed villages since this development was rapid. Imagine that the first house was built in 1897 and it started to become known at the beginning of the 70s, while until then people came to Pefki from the surrounding villages to celebrate Maundy Monday and May Day

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Pefki Evia
Paraliaki Street, 34200